Harmony Haven: Calgary's Music Class for Diverse Abilities with CPLF

CPLF is bringing something new: Harmony Haven, a music class specially crafted for CPLF Supported Individuals in Calgary. This unique program goes beyond the ordinary to provide a melodic haven where the joy of music meets the diverse abilities of our community.

Picture of Published January 23, 2024

Published January 23, 2024

Disability Music Class

Embracing Diversity Through Music

At Harmony Haven, we believe in the universal language of music. It’s a place where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can find a voice and have fun! The class held on Wednesday’s at CPLF, is thoughtfully designed to cater to our supported individuals with various backgrounds and ages. We’ve invited a professional musician from JB Music Therapy Inc. to lead us in this fun filled class, held twice a day for hour long sessions each at 12:00pm and 1:00pm in our social room.

Melodic Self-Expression

One of the goals of Harmony Haven is to encourage self-expression. Participants gain confidence through learning how to play instruments and sing their hearts out in a way that they can truly express themselves. The program recognizes that music is a powerful tool for emotional expression and provides a safe space for our individuals to explore their creativity.

Community Engagement

Beyond individual growth, this music class is dedicated to forming meaningful connections within the community. Harmony haven  encourages a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can build relationships with fellow music enthusiasts and create lasting friendships.

Program Highlights

  • Singing Soirees: Embark on a thrilling musical journey with a curated selection of songs, ensuring a positive experience for every participant.

  • Guided Harmonic Rhythms: Experience improved physical wellness and social connection through the use of instruments, improvisation, and guided movement.

  • Supportive Applause Symphony: Participate in and help create a positive and uplifting environment that resonates with encouragement and camaraderie.

  • Professional Guidance: Elevate your musical experience with a certified music therapist from JB Music Therapy Inc., adding expertise to enhance your journey.

Join the Harmony

Whether you’re a seasoned songbird or simply drawn to the allure of joining in on the fun, CPLF welcomes you. It’s more than a music class; it’s a sanctuary where disabled individuals can connect with others, learn new skills, and enjoy making music. Join the CPLF community as a supported individual and attend classes just like this one each week!

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