Local Calgary Agency Helps Turn Dreams Into a Reality

Join us in celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of Christopher Siegler, a cherished supported individual of Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation. Chris' incredible story embodies the spirit of resilience and the pursuit of dreams despite challenges.

Picture of Published April 9, 2024

Published April 9, 2024

Meaningful Support

Meet Chris Siegler, a local Calgarian and cherished CPLF community member dedicated to helping others. His journey has been nothing short of inspiring, showcasing the impact of dedicated support and determination. Born and raised in Calgary, Chris’ life has always been busied with his love for hockey, music, and enthusiastic karaoke jam sessions. A while back Christopher discovered CPLF, a local disability support service provider in Calgary and credits their services for supporting his journey in leading a more fulfilling life. “CPLF is the best agency out there,” he says, expressing his gratitude for their support. 

Achieving Dreams

 As Christopher happily adjusted to his new support system, he began focusing on a goal that he thought would bring him joy and a major feeling of accomplishment in his life. He always dreamt of riding a bicycle, and with a little help from his support staff last summer this “dream became a reality.” Chris was off and away, happily pedalling around in the summer sun with a huge grin on his face. To top it off, Christopher also had recently completed over 500 hours of volunteering at the Airdrie Foodbank, further demonstrating his commitment to giving back to the local community. Chris hasn’t stopped there though; he has another goal of becoming a paramedic one day so that he might continue helping others in a meaningful way. 

A Message From Chris

After his experience, Christopher encourages other individuals living with disabilities to “get a good agency like CPLF.” With genuine support, a tailored approach, and an emphasis on community integration, Chris says that individuals can feel more empowered to achieve their goals and aspirations with a great support system. 

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