Covid-19 Resources

Stay informed on important COVID-19 news and policies with CPLF. Access resources and updates to keep yourself and those we support safe in Calgary.

Covid-19 Resources

Stay informed on important COVID-19 news and policies with CPLF. Access resources and updates to keep yourself and those we support safe in Calgary.

A Special Appreciation

Thank you to the CPLF staff for the work they’re doing to support our most vulnerable individuals during this unprecedented time. I have been extremely impressed with the innovation and speed at which CPLF staff have altered all programming and outreach to support those we serve. Together, CPLF has successfully adapted to a pandemic of epic proportions and now we must remain diligent until life can return to normal.

Please read through the following resources and notices for up-to-date information on how our organization is prioritizing the safety of our community.

Together, we will get through this. –

Neal Sabourin C.O.O.,
Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation 

How to Take a Rapid Test

With current circumstances, Covid-19 test appointments are getting more and more difficult to set up. If there are no appointments available, you may take an at home rapid antigen test that you may purchase at a local drug store. For more information on how to correctly do a test at home, watch the video tutorial.

Donate Today

You can give directly via PayPal or consider other opportunities to show your support. All donations will support the purchase of PPE.

Helpful Covid Links

CPLF adheres to all AHS pandemic guidelines. In addition, we have the following CPLF-specific pandemic protocols.

The services provided by CPLF are considered an Alberta essential service and we are committed to meeting this challenge together. CPLF has re-tooled quickly to meet the demands of this new environment we find ourselves in with the following Pandemic Response measures:

Mental Health & Self Care

Wellness App: Headspace is publishing some meditation, sleep, and movement exercises for free. 

5 Tips for Surviving COVID: This article from the Cerebral Palsy Foundation includes several good ideas.

Coping During a Pandemic: Calgary’s Child has several great tips for managing your stress during COVID and other difficult circumstances.

9 Mindfulness Exercises to Manage COVID Stress: These helpful activities will help clear your mind and keep you on the right track.

Home Meditation on Instagram: Every Saturday is a meditation program anyone can participate in.

Current CPLF Pandemic Protocol

Administrative Offices:
Admin offices are open to scheduled meetings.

CPLF Activities and Programs:
In person outdoor client events are available.

Day Programs:
Masking is no longer mandatory unless directed by Case Manager.

Pandemic Driving Protocol:
Pandemic driving protocols have been removed unless directed by Case Manager.

Reporting COVID-19 Symptoms:
Report any confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 impacting clients or CPLF staff to your Case Manager and/or CPLF Human Resources Manager at 

Protective Equipment (PPE)
PPEs are available upon request. CPLF offers masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, shields, gowns, and thermometers. Contact 

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