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Providing Services for Individuals with DisAbilities & Seniors

CPLF has been dedicated to promoting dignity and life skill enhancement to Calgary's disabled population since 1989.

CPLF is committed to providing the best quality services to our individuals with disAbilities. We believe that self-sufficiency and growth within adults who experience a disAbility is achieved through community presence and active participation in gainful employment.

We provide quality support services focused on developing and enhancing a person's potential and quality of life using an individualized, client-centered approach whereby the needs of the individual are continuously assessed and support services are implemented around specific needs.

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Offering full-time or part-time support in our individuals homes. Support can begin with finding our clients new homes for providing support in existing homes. Support staff can live with the individual or visit them.

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Counselling for supported individuals in the comfort of their home or in a neutral location such as our offices.

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Community Inclusion

Access and support in areas of recreation and social networking for the purposes for achieving our individuals goals. Healthy lifestyle and nurturing natural support in friends and family is all important activity.

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Employment and Volunteer opportunities foster further independence, financial autonomy, development of transferable job skills and community involvement.

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Crisis Prevention and Intervention, Smart Recovery, Lift and Transfers, Medication Administration and Abuse Prevention of Protocol.

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DisAbilities & Seniors

For those affected by the natural progression of aging, CPLF offers complimentary consults to identify medical and non-medical solutions that consider unique customer needs and wants.

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Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation
140, 1935 32nd Avenue NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 7C8
telephone: (403) 276-1016

Job: Seeking Supportive Roommate Code: D.T

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Title Seeking Supportive Roommate Code: D.T
Salary $2600 (tax free)
Start Date 2017-03-06
Location Beddington
Job Information

Seeking Caregiver

Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation (CPLF) is currently seeking a supportive roommate that will provide support to a 53 year old female adult with a developmental disability. A family home in NW or NE Calgary is preferred. Supports would be responsible to teach/encourage independent living skills. (i.e.: cooking, cleaning and household maintenance). The Supportive Roommate must have a vehicle as rides to evening activities are required several times per week. The individual works independently 3 days per week which she accesses using Calgary Transit. The individual can be at home without support when not working during the day; applicants with daytime work or school commitments would be considered. The individual would like to be supported to maintain her Christian faith. The individual has food allergies that must be accommodated. This position is temporary with potential for long term for the right candidate.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

– Implement the activities outlined in the Individual Service Plan

– Closely follow agency philosophy and values in all aspects of service delivery

– Attend monthly support team meetings, bringing forward information or concerns regarding the client’s service

– Assist in the training of new support staff as directed by the Case Manager

– Keep daily logs and documentation of activities

– Assist with and/or accompany individuals to appointments as required

– Ensure that the individual’s health, safety, and wellbeing are maintained at all times

– Assist the individual in any area they may require assistance in

– Any other duties relevant to the position and individual’s needs as may be required

Compensation: Approximately $2600.00/month (income is tax free) plus 4 days off (respite) per month. The individual would also pay a monthly room and board amount of $500.00 to $550.00.

Qualifications: Experience working with Adults with Developmental Disabilities or in the Health Care Field.

Requirements: Resume, Application, Police Clearance, Written References.

Please visit the CPLF website at www.cplf.ca to apply or call 403-276-1016 to request an application package.

Apply Now